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Revolutionizing enterprise software

The hour of mobile computing has arrived on a global scale and it has redefined consumer markets and user engagement. Now it is time for the enterprise to step into the world of mobile. Luminix is creating world class enterprise software with a focus on user experience and mobile.

Enabling mobile first

Mobile no longer means a re-sized website to fit the device screen. It means a transformative user experience for the screen that anticipates and reacts to the touch of a finger. And to create such experience, the software provider needs to have mobile within their DNA. So why settle for the traditional providers who insist on sticking to the old order? Partner with Luminix to win.

Designing for the user

Luminix is driven by the core principles of user-centric design. Instead of training your employees and customer base on how to use yet another new, complex interface, embrace intuitive technology that has already been shaped to their needs.

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