One of our customers talked to us about the importance of the ability to look up prices when offline. Imagine the scenario you are talking to a potential customer and they ask you about a particular product and its price. Salesforce API doesn’t publish Price Book tab/list information, so we have come up with a workaround. If you want to display Price Books as one of the tabs on Pulsar home page, here is an example of how you can do it.

Name: Custom Tab For Price Book Entries
Key: pulsar.home.customTabs
Value: PricebookEntry:Price Books

Name: Tab Definition for Pricebook Entry
Key: pulsar.home.PricebookEntry.image
Value: 56,123,228
(After saving, attach the following image to that setting or you can pick another image that makes sense to you).


After you save the setting and come back into the app. You will see a tab for Price Books like you see in the screenshot below.

Price Book Tab

And from the next window, you could filter these entries by a price book and quote the correct price.