Did you ever watch Simon Sinek’s thought provoking TED talk about the quintessential question of ‘Why’ and the concept of the golden circle? If not, here is the link to it, we encourage you to watch it.

It is important for every company to convey to the customer why your company does what it does. When one of our marketing consultants asked us this question, it made us seriously think about the philosophy of our company. We had an in-depth discussion about it and all of us agreed we wanted to be the company that truly cared about the customer. We know it is a cliche to define yourself as a customer focused company since almost every company would say they are a customer focused company but we have a story. The core team at Luminix has extensive experience in the enterprise software industry, so we are only too familiar with companies that fall short of that promise and we wanted to be different. We agreed that it would be our operating principle at Luminix to make customer service our priority. It doesn’t mean we shape our product and vision for what the customer wants but listening to them carefully, we shape the product for what the customer truly needs. Everyone with product management background would certainly understand this critical difference.

We have also made it our principle to make our customers feel heard. This is a two pronged approach. First, we listen carefully and ask the right questions to get to the core of what is being said. Sometimes through this process our customers end up refining their own requirements and in a few instances simplifying the architecture which then saved them money on the overall project implementation. When customers trust that you have their best interest at heart, the relationship becomes a partnership and a long lasting one at that. The other important aspect is the response time. When we hear from our customers, we make it a point to acknowledge and respond right away. Sometimes we may not have the actual answer but just saying “we are looking into it and we will get back to you” makes a huge difference. Having heard back from you, the customer would not feel like their question was ignored or disappeared into the ether. This approach has been very effective for us in maintaining a positive customer experience.

However, the true test for whether a company lives up to its “customer first” promise is how the customer feels about the company. With Luminix, there is a tangible and measurable way to test this. Since we are listed on Salesforce AppExchange, customers have a chance to review the product, the company and their experience and they have consistently rated us as a five star company! You are welcome to read those reviews.