For over 100 years, the Hilton brand has been synonymous with quality hotels. In addition to Hilton branded properties, their brands include Waldorf Astoria, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Hampton, and Homewood Suites. Brand inspectors collect and report data to ensure hotel properties adhere to corporate brand standards. Hilton uses Salesforce for reporting and other business processes. Since 2017, Hilton has used Pulsar to customize the Salesforce experience to enforce brand standards and maintain brand recognition.


Executive Summary

Hilton brand inspectors may have unreliable internet connectivity during inspections. Hilton created a custom Pulsar web app to improve the inspector’s field experience. Inspectors examine areas of the property, take photos, and enter feedback into the app while onsite. The app also enables auditors to quickly view the audit schedule and to assign timelines for issue resolution. Audit reports are sent directly from the app in PDF format to property managers and are accessible in Salesforce by other Hilton business areas. A custom search feature grants easy access to the reports by site or property area. Hilton improved the auditor’s field experience to increase the amount, quality, and speed of data transferred to the business. Hilton’s custom Pulsar app improves brand recognition by enforcing brand standards.


  • Access – Internet service is not available, unreliable, or not secure in client locations.
  • Dashboard – Auditors also need to see the audit status and outstanding items. They also need to see the upcoming schedule. Sometimes inspectors need to quickly start a new audit report.
  • Data – Auditors need quick access to different parts of the audit report for real-time data entry. Auditors need to see site information. Audit reports need many details and photo evidence. A search feature is needed to find information quickly.
  • Brand Enforcement – Each hotel area requires different types of inspections. Auditors should not have to remember the nuances of each hotel area. Auditors need to know if audits are ready to submit. Audit reports need to be sent to property managers while on-site for better communication.

How Pulsar Helped

Hilton created a custom web app with a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard provides access to Hilton’s Salesforce business processes.

  • Offline Access – Pulsar allows offline mobile access to Salesforce data.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard – Hilton’s custom dashboard allows auditors to view the upcoming audit schedule, create new audits while onsite, view the status of audits, and view audit statistics (number per year, submitted, completed, etc.).

  • Audit Data – Brand inspectors can see audit details, property info, view Chatter conversations related to the audit area, view and create photo attachments, and view the area inspection status for each audit report.

  • Brand Enforcement – Brand standards are integrated into inspection checklists. Inspectors also take photos and upload them as evidence during the site visit. Auditors submit detailed PDF inspection reports to property managers while on site. The details and status of the audit reports are available in Salesforce to Hilton when the inspector syncs the app.


  • Offline Access – Hilton brand inspectors have offline access to site information and can enter inspection data in real-time while onsite.
  • User-Friendly App Dashboard – The custom app dashboard designed by Hilton gives inspectors access to the upcoming audit schedule and audit report status. Inspectors can initiate a new audit report directly from the dashboard. Inspectors can also quickly see if audit reports are completed or in progress.
  • Audit Data – Property information is available from each audit report with the completion status of each area. Photos taken for evidence are attached to the audit report. The inspector can access Chatter conversations related to the inspections. All audit details are searchable and accessible in Salesforce to Hilton when data is synced.
  • Brand Enforcement – Brand standards are integrated into inspection templates. The inspector sets timelines for issue resolution. The inspector also sends detailed PDF audit reports to property managers while onsite.
  • Brand Recognition – Brand inspectors enforce Hilton’s brand recognition by providing detailed property inspection data to property managers during site visits.