First a couple of definitions.


Products are the individual items or services that you are selling to customers through the opportunity and you might create a quote based on these later. The Products related list of an opportunity detail page are the line items with details like what product you are selling, the quantity and the order date etc.

A quote is a record showing proposed prices for products and services. You create a quote from an opportunity and its products.

Quote Sync:
Each opportunity can have multiple associated quotes, and any one of them can be synced with the opportunity. When a quote and an opportunity are synced, any change to line items in the quote will sync with products on the opportunity, and vice versa. Note: You can add products and create quotes offline via Pulsar. Once you set the quote to sync with the opportunity though, you can make changes to it via offline since the backend has to perform some clean up and sync between the opportunity line items and quote line items. The app is pretty intuitive about this.

Now let us walk through a sample demo of adding products to an opportunity and quote creation.

1. First select the opportunity you want to add products to and then click on ‘Related’ on the bottom right


2. Click on + to add products to the opportunity

Opportunity Products

3. A list of products from the Pricebook associated with this opportunity will show up

Product List

4. You can choose multiple products (Notice how the checkmark appears next to the ones you selected). You can also narrow the selection by searching for products you are about to add using the search bar on the top.

Product Selection

5. Clicking on ‘Next’ will launch you in to this very convenient screen that lets you specify the line items details like Quantity, Date and Line Item Description.

Quanity Details

6. Clicking on Save All will save them against the product.

Save All

7. You can find the products you have added under the Opportunity Related List Items

Related List Products

8. Now, it is time to create a quote based on the products you just added. FYI, these become the quote line items in the quote you are about to create. Note how it already calculated the total amount for the quote.

New Quote

9. It also populates the appropriate contact information (grabs it from the Opportunity Primary Contact Role). This is the person who will receive the quote.

Contact Role

After saving it, you now have a quote that will be synced to Salesforce when the app detects a network connection and the system will send the PDF file to the contact listed on the quote (if you set it up to do so).