We have recently implemented support for one of the powerful features of Salesforce. When creating an opportunity, upon pressing the Save button, Salesforce (if setup to do so) automatically navigates the user to a screen where they are prompted to add Products that are relevant to this Opportunity. That same workflow is now available in Pulsar. Notice how easy it is to enable this flow. With one simple setting, the user in the field is equipped with an easy way to create and manage opportunities. The secret about Mobile is the ease of use and having the data at your fingertips. Pulsar does just that!

Let us take a look at how this works:

First, enable product chaining feature in your org via Pulsar Settings. Create a new setting with the following key/value pair.

Name: Enable Opportunity Product Chaining
Key: pulsar.opportunity.enableProductChaining
Value: TRUE

Once you have that in place, see the following in action.

Step 1: Create a new opportunity

Photo Jan 27, 5 18 27 PM

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Save’ button which should automatically transition you to this page.


Step 3: Choose the products that are relevant for this opportunity.


Step 4: Enter the appropriate information in a tabular format and let Pulsar do the calculations!