C.R. Bard is a publicly traded medical device manufacturing company headquartered in New Jersey. Here is how the company describes itself on LinkedIn.

Website: http://www.crbard.com
Industry: Medical Device Manufacturing
Type: Public Company
Headquarters: 730 Central Avenue Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974 United States
Company Size: 10,001+ employees
Founded: 1907

C. R. Bard, Inc. is a leading multinational developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative, life-enhancing medical technologies in the fields of Vascular, Urology, Oncology, and Surgical Specialties. Bard markets its products and services worldwide to hospitals, individual health care professionals, extended care facilities, and alternate site facilities. Bard pioneered the development of single-patient-use medical products for hospital procedures; today Bard is dedicated to pursuing technological innovations that offer superior clinical benefits while helping to reduce overall health care costs.

Medical device companies often require offline connection to access their Salesforce data because the reps are in hospitals where they are either inside building with no network access or they would have to turn off the cell phone signal, so they don’t interfere with sensitive equipment. Which explains why we have some big brand names like Baxter, Pfizer and Cardinal as customers. In addition to proving our product value proposition, this particular customer use case also proved our business model. We let users download and use Pulsar’s free version. It offers a full offline/online mobile client and lets then access a set of standard objects from Salesforce. BARD users from several countries have been using Pulsar Free version for almost a year and they found it so useful that they started lobbying their leadership for accessing additional objects and features within the app. This resulted in us engaging with them and setting them up with Premium licenses and unlocking critical features. It has been a pleasure to work with the team and we are excited and looking forward to expand to other countries. Please take a look at their use case if you are interested.