Chicago Dryer Company specializes in commercial laundry finishing systems. Here is how the company describes itself on LinkedIn.

Industry: Machinery
Type: Privately Held
Headquarters: 2200 North Pulaski Road Chicago, IL 60639
Company Size: 51 – 200 employees
Founded: 1893

Chicago specializes in designing and building commercial laundry systems to feed, dry, iron, and fold washed sheets, pillowcases and table linen, as well as tumble dried towels, blankets, patient gowns, scrubs and specialty items.

Just as important as the hardware and software installed in any project are the knowledge, dedication, and creativity of the people in the organization chosen to provide the most efficient system to perform the flatwork finishing task. As you will see, factory and local technical expertise, product innovation, quality, and tradition are powerful reasons to choose Chicago as your single source for a world of flatwork finishing solutions.

Use Case: Chicago Dryer employees are often in locations with no network connection and offline becomes very important for them to be able to log site visits and capture information about the project while onsite. An important point to note is that the customer needed this offline solution on Windows 10 laptops because those are the devices their users are carrying today. A fully functional offline Salesforce client that runs on Windows laptops. Pulsar was the ideal solution and it takes only a few minutes to get it up and running! Get in touch with us if that is your case. We will be happy to schedule a webex demo for you.