Announcing Pulsar for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (™)

The Pulsar mobile app you know and love now also works with Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

  • Pulsar for Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the same tightly integrated footprint, requiring no extra middleware.
  • Pulsar is simple to install and configure on your Dynamics 365 instance.
  • From the Pulsar app (available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10), login to your Dynamics 365 instance, fully sync, and then you are ready for full offline use.

Pulsar for Salesforce

Pulsar for Salesforce. Access Salesforce data on mobile devices. Offline.

Pulsar is a complete end-to-end offline solution for the Salesforce platform. The power of the solution is two fold: It scales easily to sync millions of records for offline access and it can run validation rules, triggers, default values, formula fields and many more of the complex functionality Salesforce platform offers. It also offers APIs, so you can write HTML apps to run with Pulsar using the offline data (offline equivalent of VisualForce pages).

For customers and partners looking for a complete Salesforce system running offline, Pulsar is your answer! Simply download the app from the app store and login using your Salesforce credentials and your data will be synced for offline use within a few minutes.

Pulsar runs native on all 3 mobile platforms

A mobile app built with the native application architecture allows for generous storage limits as well as easy access to tools on the user’s device including the camera, GPS, user contacts and notifications, even offline. Web apps also provide offline functionality thanks to browser caching and local storage, but are best when lots of offline data storage aren’t required.

Offline Data

Our offline mobile solution allows users to run Salesforce regardless of network availability. The strength of Pulsar is its scalability. Some of our customers have downloaded close to a million records to be available offline. Imagine what becomes possible when you have your data with you at all times, even when connectivity is spotty, weak or unavailable. Sales reps can take and complete orders while on site with customers. Engineers can consult field plans and capture critical data in real time including pictures. Home-care service assessors can set up appointments on the fly and process the latest data when visiting patients.

Rules Engine

Our Rules Engine allows app administrators to set up business rules, validations and triggers and approval processes within Pulsar. This way, the specific business processes that are needed by the users can run whether online or offline. Organizations can rest assured that users always upload clean data, even when operating offline.

Platform for HTML Apps

With Pulsar’s capacity to store large amounts of data, you will have the freedom to customize the user interface to suit your mobile needs. Just like you would write VisualForce pages within your Salesforce org to accommodate your business processes, you could write HTML pages to run within Pulsar while offline. Our customers have written HTML apps like order forms, store display compliance reports, site inspection forms and many more using this feature. It offers the best of the both worlds – a beautiful, slick mobile UI that runs offline !

Productivity Tools

A central part of a salesperson’s day is time and task management. That’s why Pulsar manages several calendars (work, personal, iCloud, Birthdays etc.) It also provides easy access to Meeting Notes (which can be converted to SF objects later), business card scanner, barcode scanner, GPS and geo-location capture, offline attachment upload of files including pictures and videos. Simply put, Productivity Tools allow users to do their job more effectively both in the office and on the road, helping drive productivity and revenue.

luminix-five-stars75+ Five star reviews on the luminix-salesforce-appexchange

“I’ve been an active user for over a year, and the Pulsar app has exceeded my expectations. The layout and reporting are very user friendly.”

“It was easy to install and minimal setup required. Within 30 minutes, we were able to have our users accessing custom objects with offline capability.”

“Pulsar is a very versatile app that brings to life all of the aspects of Salesforce
that I need while on the road.”

Luminix Pulsar also works with Oracle Sales Cloud