We were answering this questionnaire for a customer and thought it was a great way of summarizing what Pulsar can do.

Can the app work in offline mode and to what degree?

A: Pulsar is a fully functional offline application with Read/Write/Create/Delete capabilities. It also lets you run business rules (validation rules, triggers and custom UI screens via HTML support).

Functional Requirements

1. Ability to plan own trips (basic)

2. Ability to modify a trip plan

3. Ability to automatically create an optimised plan for multiple trips (advanced)

4. “check in” to customer site
We can set up a custom button that would automatically log activity.

5. Record notes of visit

6. Take pictures on phone during visit (and attach on Salesforce record)

7. View customer account data from salesforce
8. View documents from salesforce (eg plantograms)
9. Complete a survey on device
10. Does App support Custom Objects/Tabs?

Support and Product Enhancement

11. App works fully offline, and will sync to SFDC when connectivity returns

12. Global / Local support for App
Currently the support team is located in the US but we have plans to extend them globally.

13. Support model summary (how support works)
Please find attached Pulsar licensing and support agreement. It outlines our support policies.

14. Customer reference sites / case studies
Sure. We have several customers who are using the app. Happy to set up a reference call.

15. Salesforce: Managed vs UnManaged Package

The premium version of the app deploys a managed package into their Salesforce instance.

16. Vendor open to enhancing app (themselvs vs Implementation partner)
There are two components to this request. If the enhancement request is to the product itself, Luminix implements them. If they want to change the UI, implement custom UI/Workflow, they can work with the partner.

17. App Build Type: Native, Hybrid (HTML5), Other

18. Supports Android – Android support in September

19. Supports iOS – YES

20. Pricing
Monthly Cost (USD) – $35/month/user
Pricing structure – Volume discounts offered.

21. Company Background – Please refer to the Pulsar overview presentation. Company founded by seasoned enterprise software experts.

22. Appexchange Ratings / Reviews – 89 five start reviews. Our customers love us!