The bottom portion of the screen is dynamically constructed by listing the tabs the user would see within the Salesforce UI (Pulsar also reads the tab definition including the tile color and image). The top portion of the screen contains a few icons that are Pulsar specific and this post discusses the options to control the display and order of these icons.

Description: The top row consists of 4 icons. User is a placeholder for user picture which the application grabs automatically from Salesforce if there is one already setup. Pipeline is a dynamic dashboard that displays user’s opportunities. MyDay icon allows the user to manage their daily activities including calendar, tasks and Salesforce Events. Documents icon lets the user access Salesforce Content libraries even when offline. Depending on the use case, the admin can decide which of these icons and in what order they would like to display by simply specifying a subset of the names in the preferred order.
Name: HomePage Top Row Icons Display Setting
Key: pulsar.home.topPositions
Value: A list of names separated by commas
Default Value: user, pipeline, myday, documents

Description: The bottom row reflects the tabs the user is set up to see in Salesforce UI. If you decided to not sync some of the objects that represent the Icons and would like to hide the corresponding tabs, use the following setting.
Name: Hide Unsynced Object Tabs
Key: pulsar.home.hideUnsyncedTabs
Value: TRUE
Default Value: FALSE

Description: For any reason you would like to override the label for any tab, use the following setting.
Name: Tab label over ride
Key: pulsar.home.labeloverride
Value: List of pairs of format, Original Label:New Label
Default Value: FALSE

Description: Setting for custom tabs that supercede the users app selection and tabs
Name: Define Additional Tabs
Key: pulsar.home.customtabs (for non-community users) or pulsar.home.communitytabs (for community users only)
Value: comma or newline separated items, each item of the form SObject API Name:Label or URL:Label
Default Value: None