It has been a while since we updated our blog but we had been very busy closing deals across many industry segments. Luminix now has clients in Healthcare, Life Sciences, CPG, Energy, Financial, Field Services and many more industries, proving that mobile offline is a key strategic decision when thinking about future growth for many of our customers. We continue to gain users who install our iPhone and iPad app daily. We also have a delighted customer base. Read the reviews on AppExchange if you get a chance and let them tell you their stories and share their experience of working with our product and our team.

We also thought you would appreciate reading about how some of our customers are pushing mobile devices and network by syncing huge volumes of data to Pulsar. The app holds and scales really well in those environments. To give you a rough benchmark number, some of our customers have synced close to million records to Pulsar. (Note: Make sure you are running on the latest iPad if you are contemplating these volumes).

Meanwhile, we have some exciting news! We are releasing Pulsar for Android and Windows! Stay tuned for more information around August timeframe. We are working away madly and hope to delight you with these new releases.