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Examples of Pulsar Setting Language – Formula Fields

This is part of a series of posts about PSL: Pulsar Settings Language. Let us take a look today at Formula Fields. The tricky part about architecting a complete offline solution is to think about various features of the backend and implementing them within the app....

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Examples of Pulsar Setting Language – Validation Rules

Some of you are already very familiar with Pulsar Settings. You can deploy this package to your Salesforce Org and configure and extend Pulsar to do powerful things offline like running validation rules, triggers, set up field filers, calculate formulae and populate...

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List Views Now Available On Pulsar

With Pulsar release 2.3.14 (currently pending Apple approval) supports list views. It has been great fun to deliver this feature to our customers who need it. In order to enable this feature, install the Pulsar Premium package from this link:...

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Pulsar As An Offline Platform

One of the feature requests we have received from our customers was to allow them to write their own reports, order forms and other slick UI components that could run offline using Pulsar data. So we have done it! You can now build your own HTML form, deploy it to...

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Offline Multi-Create for Products

Salesforce Web UI provides a good way to look up and add products from the Opportunity screen and with the latest release of Pulsar, we made this UI functionality available on the iPad. First it lets you search by using 'AND'/'OR' keywords. Here is the screenshots...

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Pulsar Home Page Background Improvements

We have heard your feedback. Some of us wrote to us and let us know you would prefer a lighter background for the Pulsar homepage. Our previous background as one user put it, "not exactly very cheery". So we changed it in the latest release. Check out the new and...

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Setting Up Default Values for Fields

Just like you could set up filed filters, you could set up default values for fields when initiating a new object using PulsarSettings. Here is a brief explanation of how you can achieve that. The format for setting it up is as follows: Key:...

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Setting up Field Filters Using PulsarSettings

One of the most appealing features about the Salesforce platform is the extreme flexibility it offers, so that each customer can customize it for their needs. We often come across the need for offline support for some of these customizations. In this post, we will...

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