Cloud on your device. Offline

Cloud on your device. Offline

Cloud on your device. Offline

Cloud on your device. Offline

Taking the cloud with you has never been so simple. Anywhere. Anytime.

Cloud computing has transformed many industries in the past decade. Companies are moving many of their critical business processes to run on the cloud. This empowers them to be agile and customer centric. In parallel, we have also witnessed the proliferation of mobile devices. Cloud and mobile essentially transformed our world into an interconnected and easily accessible world. We at Luminix recognized this and also recognized a critical gap. It is that users on the go are often unable to connect with the cloud, when access to the data stored in the cloud is most urgent.

Our Solution

Offline, access to Salesforce data | Luminix


access to cloud data


and easy-to-use interface


Easily Extendible for customization and branding

Our Customers

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“Pulsar really is the only offline solution on the market for large, data heavy enterprises that is robust and scalable.”

Paul Allen, CRM Project Manager for Commercial, Supply Chain and Marketing