Our Mission

Luminix was founded in 2011 with one question in mind… How can we solve the single major pain point experienced by users of cloud business services – that is, unreliable or unavailable network connectivity? 

Our mission is to bring to market a mobile and offline client solution that can be taken anywhere enabling our customers to bring the cloud everywhere they need to be. We strive daily to help customers in remote areas of New Zealand, small farms in Asia, and at Natural Gas wells in the Appalachian Basin get their work done.

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, our team at Luminix is laser-focused on market-leading solutions allowing you to manage your opportunities in the field, visit reports in transport, fill out surveys, and take orders while on-site with your customers. 

Our Team

Geetha Vallabhaneni

Founder & CEO

Geetha is passionate about technology that solves real problems. A computer engineer with 20+ years of sales and customer-support experience under her belt, she is deeply committed to transforming the way people interact with enterprise software and information. Growing up in rural India has taught her the value of community, which she strives to nurture within her team and throughout Luminix’s network of customers and partners.

Juan Carlos Soto

COO & Strategic Partnerships

Juan Carlos Soto enjoys working at the intersection of technology and business to solve challenging problems for customers and teams, and do good for the world. He has been an advisor to Luminix since its founding. In addition to his operational duties at Luminix, he serves on the board of various venture-backed companies and non-profit organizations and is an angel investor. Throughout his career, he has also held roles ranging from CEO to hands-on technician for companies ranging in size from startups to the Fortune 100 and still writes a few lines of code or solders circuits as needed for his personal projects.

When he’s not working with a client, Juan Carlos enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering, being outdoors, and riding his motorcycles.

Fernando Rodriguez III

Chief Technology Officer

Fernando’s fascination with software began in the mid 80s spending countless hours playing video games and using an early Mac to create a batman symbol stencil to carve into his bedroom wall. As a Luminix engineer, he uses skills acquired from previous tech roles such as software trainer, database administrator, and mobile developer. His approach to team cohesion is rooted in respect for others, humility in ones skills, and silly, good-natured humor. Lately, he can be found discovering the joys and pains of home ownership in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Brad Sparks

VP of Engineering

Brad loves to tackle tough architectural problems. Nothing makes him happier than being the first one to jump on a new technology challenge. Before joining Luminix, he provided network security, engineering and operations services in several industries. His skill set includes mobile and web development, and software integration. As a military brat growing up on several continents, he has a knack for crossing cultural gaps and supporting relationships with our customers around the world.

Steven McMahon

Senior Director, Sales

Steven found his dream job when he joined the agile, nimble and dedicated team that is Luminix’s. With over 20 years of consulting and sales experience in the technology and the finance industries, he leads both customer support and business development at Luminix. He enjoys working with large enterprise clients by addressing their business challenges. And he is proud to be helping customers on a daily basis grow their business.

Vikas Verma

Customer Solutions Architect

Vikas believes that the greatest success stories were created by people who identified a problem and turned it into an opportunity. As the Customer Solutions Architect at Luminix, he is focused on helping clients tackle their most complex challenges with the simplest solutions. His 10+-year experience includes solution design/architecture, project management and Salesforce technology. While he enjoys working hard, he remains humbled by the dedication of his colleagues to support customers through their craft.

Kevin Jenkins

Senior Engineer

Kevin loves building things and overcoming challenging problems. He believes that code should be beautiful, functional and powerful, and he takes pride in everything he creates. His experience spans image analysis algorithms, iOS game development, and creating a powerful SDK that was distributed over millions of devices. He firmly believes that working with the right people is essential for developing great products. In his view, Luminix is as good as it gets—and the sky is the limit.

Aaron Culliney

Senior Software Engineer

Aaron is a generalist software engineer with recent experience in porting native apps from iOS to Android. He enjoys working with existing code to improve test coverage, correctness, resilience, and portability to new platforms without sacrificing performance. Aaron’s passion for maintaining old reliable software carries over into his hobby of developing and publishing software that fully emulates a 128kb vintage Apple //e computer from his youth. Having grown up in Hawai’i, Aaron enjoys surfing, kite boarding and other outdoors activities.

Andres Becerra

Senior Software Engineer

Andres fell in love with coding at a young age and continued that passion throughout his life, dabbling in leadership roles when the mood (or need) struck. Andres contributes work across the Luminix tech stack. These days he can mostly likely be found spending time with his wife, kids and dogs.

Greg Brignola

Senior Software Engineer

Greg began his software career over twenty years ago and has never looked back. He spent the last three years leading teams from several countries into Agile development practices while continuing to deliver projects with an international team. Never one to miss an opportunity to grow, Greg was happy to join the team at Luminix. When not writing code, he can be found in his workshop, crafting various projects, writing a game, or out playing music with his band. Somehow his family tolerates Greg’s dozens of hobbies.

Scot Goodhart

Senior Software Engineer

Scot was lucky enough to have one of his passions lead to a career. Modifying PC games in college eventually became modifying server configs over ssh with Vim.  Describing himself as a language & system polyglot; he’s been “full-stack” for years delivering web, mobile, and IoT solutions both professionally and personally.  Scot attributes his success to always surrounding himself with smarter people and continues that best practice here at Luminix. When not developing you’ll find him traveling with his wife and probably a drone.

Carla Locke

Technical Writer

Carla believes that effective communication is the key to success. For over 20 years, she has made this the core of her career, in a variety of roles, such as production manager of a national newspaper, technical writer for a medical device manufacturer, and registered nurse. She brings her love of technology, dedication to customer experience, and content management and communication expertise to the Luminix team. Growing up as a military brat enabled her to enjoy communicating with all types of people and fueled her love of travel. When she is not on a cruise ship, she can be found cheering for her son at various sporting events, crafting, dabbling in eCommerce, or playing video games.

William Lewis

DevOps Engineer

William began his career as a building architect and spent years as a Design Technologist for construction and real estate software. He is passionate about process and continuous improvement, with a focus on DevOps and CI/CD practices. He is thrilled to work with the talented Luminix team to support their engineering efforts and augment their development and delivery processes. Outside of work, William is an urban enthusiast based in NYC with a love for exploring cities, traveling, and learning foreign languages.

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