Branding Pulsar Home Page

Pulsar provides an easy way to control the home page look and feel, so it conforms to your company’s branding standards. You can upload a background image with your company logo and also change the Tool and Navigation Bar colors to your company’s choice colors.

Branding the App

Use the following settings to brand the app.

Name: Home Page Background Image
Key: pulsar.home.backgroundImage
Value: (Leave Blank)
Attachment: Save the setting and then attach the file to the setting record (Recommended resolution 1024 X 768 pixels)
If you happen to upload a background that makes the default label color unreadable, change the label colors

Name: Home Page Tab Labels
Key: pulsar.home.labelColor
Value: R,G,B (e.g: 71,43,56)
Change the home tool bar color

Name: Home Page Toolbar Color
Key: pulsar.home.toolbar.color

Change the nav bar color
Name: Navbar Color
Key: pulsar.navigationBar.color

Here is an example of a customized Home page.

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