Wonderful Increases Sales with Consistent Branding

For over 40 years, The Wonderful Company has shared health and happiness through consumer brands such as Halos, POM Wonderful, FIJI Water, and Teleflora. Their products include nuts, fresh fruit, bottled water, wine, and floral delivery. Field reps use Salesforce to manage merchandising visits to stores and supermarkets. Since 2017, The Wonderful Company has used Pulsar to bring business logic offline, while enforcing merchandising consistency and store audit compliance.

Executive Summary

The Wonderful Company field representatives often lack internet connectivity during store visits. Sales and merchandising objectives must be completed consistently, per established business processes. In addition, images of store displays are required to enforce quality standards and maintain brand consistency. The Wonderful Company uses Pulsar to capture store visit data and merchandising images. The app also enforces store audit business logic to ensure all tasks are completed during the visit. Pulsar improves brand consistency, automates compliance with business requirements, and streamlines the retail audit process to improve The Wonderful Company’s bottom line.


  • Connectivity – Field reps visit stores of all sizes, from neighborhood corner stores to supermarkets. Not all stores have internet service available. Field reps must conduct audits and attach images to the store audit reports while offline.
  • Compliance – Field reps must remember to complete all store audit tasks before leaving the customer site. These tasks range from ensuring product displays adhere to brand guidelines to reporting inventory levels.
  • Complexity – Field reps have many audit tasks to complete for each store visit. The field reps need an easy way to access appointment and customer information and enter sales and inventory data.

How Pulsar Helped

  • Connectivity – Pulsar allows the field rep to go offline and complete merchandising and store audit tasks. When they return online, the store visit information uploads to Salesforce, so the rest of the business can use it.
  • Compliance – Pulsar provides checklists and forms to standardize store visit tasks. Field reps are prompted to complete tasks or attach merchandising photos while offline. Additionally, validation and business logic prevent store visit check-out without completing required tasks. Check-in and check-out times are recorded for business metrics and analysis.
  • Complexity – Salesforce maps provide field reps with accurate directions to store visits. A third-party form integrates with Pulsar to provide checklists according to business logic for an efficient workflow for the field reps. Custom HTML displays a list of store audits on a single page for easier browsing.


By providing field reps with offline access to forms and the ability to attach images, The Wonderful Company improved the speed and accuracy of store audit data transmitted to the business. Field reps can build product displays per brand guidelines and quickly enter sales and inventory level data. These improvements provide the business with better data to keep product displays recognizable to customers. With Pulsar, The Wonderful Company maintains strong brand recognition and increases sales.

  • Connectivity – The ability to complete the store audit while offline keeps the field reps working without worrying about connectivity issues.
  • Compliance – Integrating the third-party forms with Pulsar provides The Wonderful Company with consistent and complete store sales and inventory data. This allows the business to analyze field rep performance and brand performance promptly.
  • Complexity – Pulsar simplifies the field rep store visit process by providing field reps with access to store visit directions, reports for easier browsing, and easy data entry options, increasing the efficiency of store visits. This ensures the field reps can focus on increasing sales while sending accurate data to the business.