B. Braun Uses Health Cloud Offline with Pulsar

For over 180 years, B. Braun has worked in the healthcare industry, supplying medical facilities and providers with the equipment they need for pharmaceuticals, surgery, and outpatient care. Their equipment ranges from pharmaceutical formulation solutions to minimally invasive surgical tools to skin and dialysis equipment. Since 2020, B. Braun has customized Pulsar to streamline patient management.

Executive Summary

B. Braun employees manage patients in a variety of settings, which are often offline. Healthcare providers needed a solution to manage patient care, from intake to discharge. Pulsar allows providers to manage the patient’s chart, and document the medications, procedures, and therapies used during appointments. The customized user interface makes this process easy and efficient. Validation processes running in Pulsar while offline ensure providers have and transmit the correct and most up-to-date data for patients. Data is transmitted to and from the Salesforce Health Cloud when the device has resumed connectivity. B. Braun also configured Pulsar to interface with a 3rd party documentation solution to store patient records. To summarize, Pulsar keeps patient management compliant, correct, and easy for healthcare providers.


  • Connectivity – Healthcare providers may be offline during patient appointments
  • Compliance – B. Braun must remain compliant with healthcare information regulations. They must be sure that patient data is secure and that the correct data is transmitted and available to providers.
  • Integration – B. Braun uses the Salesforce Health Cloud and 3rd party providers for document management.
  • Ease of Use – Providers must quickly find and enter patient data.

How Pulsar Helped

  • Connectivity – Pulsar allows access to Salesforce data while offline.
  • Compliance – Validation routines run in Pulsar while offline to ensure the correct data is transmitted to the Salesforce Health Cloud. This validation mirrors the validation which occurs in Salesforce while online.
  • Integration – Pulsar integrates with the Salesforce Health Cloud and the 3rd party documentation solution.
  • Ease of Use – Custom and familiar interfaces make finding patient data and product information easy and fast. B. Braun uses HTML to customize the standard PSL to meet their specific needs.


B. Braun uses Pulsar to keep patient care running smoothly whether offline or online. Pulsar keeps the company compliant by using validation rules in Pulsar. The integration with the Salesforce Health Cloud and the 3rd party documentation solution keeps the business running smoothly. Finally, the custom user interface makes recording data faster and easier for providers. Overall, Pulsar helps B. Braun make patient care efficient and compliant to improve overall patient management.