EQT Streamlines Water Hauling with Pulsar

For over 130 years, EQT has produced natural gas in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. In addition to producing natural gas, the company is involved in all areas of distribution to the end user and supports many supply chain partners. One of the critical components of natural gas production is water, and since 2019, EQT has used Pulsar to manage water distribution to production sites.

Executive Summary

Water is an essential requirement for natural gas production. EQT uses many hauling partners to deliver water to the production plants. It is essential for EQT partners to easily log the delivery details for timely and accurate invoicing. EQT achieved this by customizing Pulsar and streamlining the logistics manifest records. In real-time, drivers enter the pickup time, location, and quantity delivered. Pulsar also integrates with existing Bluetooth meters to automatically capture the water levels in the tanker trucks and QR code readers to transfer manifest information to the warehouse. Offline validation ensures that the logistics manifest is correct and compliant for EQT and its partners. When online, manifest data is transmitted to Salesforce to keep stakeholders in the loop. In summary, EQT uses Pulsar to collect up-to-date logistics data to keep the business moving smoothly and efficiently.


  • Connectivity – Drivers may be offline when stopping for pickup or delivery.
  • Consistency – Many of EQT’s partner vendors have their own logistics systems.
  • Ease of Use – The logistics manifest process must be easy to use and easy for training new drivers.
  • Technology – The logistics system needs to interface with existing technologies such as Bluetooth water level meters and QR code scanners at warehouses.

How Pulsar Helped

  • Connectivity – Pulsar captures data and allows access to the logistics orders while offline and syncs the logistics data when drivers go online.
  • Consistency – Pulsar ties many logistics partner vendors together in a single system that syncs with Salesforce. The app uses validation to ensure data consistency.
  • Ease of Use – Pulsar’s user interface is easy to use, with a workflow that allows drivers to get assignments, log pickup times, enter load data, and transmit the manifest to the warehouse.
  • Technology – Pulsar interfaces with Bluetooth water level meters to record the water level in the tanker truck and provide accurate load data. When drivers arrive, the destination warehouse scans a custom QR code generated by Pulsar to transmit the logistics manifest information.


EQT uses Pulsar to capture and validate many vendors’ logistical data in a single app, whether offline or online. Pulsar integrates with existing technologies, such as Bluetooth water level meters, to capture the truck’s load information and enter it into Salesforce. Upon arrival at the delivery destination, drivers use the app to generate a custom QR code and transmit the logistics manifest to the warehouse. The app is easy for drivers to use and train new employees. EQT uses Pulsar to create a seamless logistics manifest process that gives them accurate data to keep the business running smoothly.