Corteva Increases Sales Productivity with Pulsar

For over 200 years, Corteva has pioneered advancements in agriculture. Today, that tradition of innovation continues to improve lives through better crop yields and insect control. Since 2022, Corteva has used Pulsar across the globe to bring the latest seed technology to farmers.

Executive Summary

Corteva sales representatives meet with farmers at the farm to sell seeds and other agricultural products. Often, these remote locations provide no online connectivity. The sales reps use Pulsar for easy data capture and generating the contract for the signature process. Corteva combined complex logic with an easy and intuitive custom user interface that lets their users enter or access customer data and make product recommendations. After the products have been accepted by the customer, the user leverages Pulsar’s power to generate a PDF contract populated from templates combining customer data with the appropriate distributor and product information. The contract is then reviewed by the customer and signed using a mobile device. The signed contract is sent to the customer and sales rep via email and stored in the customer account record. Corteva stakeholders use Salesforce to access the completed contract, and the associated product data is integrated into other business processes. To summarize, Corteva used Pulsar to create a streamlined and repeatable global sales process, improving their bottom line by increasing sales team performance. 


  • Connectivity – Sales representatives are offline while meeting with farmers on-site.
  • Ease of Use – Employees need an easy interface to use to quickly collect and enter data.
  • Complexity – Complex logic is involved in making additional product recommendations based on the crop type and crop potential data for the customer. This data needs to be quickly entered and analyzed during sales rep visits. Seed product contracts need to be signed by the customers and created for each seed distributor. The contracts need to be sent via email to the representative and the customer and saved in the Salesforce database for retrieval by stakeholders.

How Pulsar Helped

  • Connectivity – Pulsar allows Corteva employees to access and interact with customer and product data while offline.
  • Ease of Use – Corteva used HTML to create a custom Pulsar app for quick data entry and smooth workflows.
  • Complexity – Pulsar lets Corteva combine customer, product, sales, and distribution data into PDF reports to allow Corteva’s customers to sign contracts during sales appointments. Signed contracts are sent via email to the sales rep and customer and stored in the database for access in Salesforce by other Corteva stakeholders.


Corteva used Pulsar to streamline the sales contract process during sales visits at customer farms. Often, these meetings take place where there is no online access. While offline, sales reps enter and reference customer account information and product data during a sales visit. Then, Corteva used Pulsar’s HTML/JavaScript capabilities to produce PDF contracts that combine customer data, sales quotations, and distributor data. The customer can immediately review the contract and sign the contract. The signed contracts are sent via email and saved in Pulsar. When the sales rep goes online, the customer data and contracts sync with Salesforce for use by other Corteva stakeholders. Corteva used HTML to create a custom Pulsar app to make this process easy and intuitive for the sales representatives. Pulsar helps Corteva capture data efficiently and speed up the contract signing process. After the successful implementation of this solution in the Europe region, Pulsar is now ready for implementation in other Corteva sales regions, providing an increase in sales team performance on a global scale.