Coming Soon! Pulsar 12.0 – Reimagined for Future Innovation

For the last 12 years after we first developed and deployed the Pulsar for Salesforce application in 2011, the Luminix team continued to listen to customer feedback, improved existing features, and added the most-requested features. We also tried to keep up with changes to the Salesforce backend services and use their enhanced APIs when they are made available. Additionally, we tried to adopt the latest technological advances in developer tools. Like many other mature software companies, Luminix must periodically pause and reassess how the software is performing and review our development process. This is an essential process to enhance the application as well as its ongoing maintenance.

Given that premise, it was time for the Pulsar for Salesforce application to be thoroughly rearchitected and rewritten to leap forward a decade and use the latest and greatest technologies and best developer practices.  Our 12.0 release is exactly that. This release contains very critical changes, including changes to the application architecture and a rewrite of our code base to simplify ongoing bug fixes and general maintenance. These changes will allow us to quickly respond to customer feature requests and incorporate future innovations into our product while helping our customers use Pulsar more efficiently. Without further ado, let’s dive into the four exciting features that make this release a game-changer!

Improved application startup time

Pulsar performs many checks and validations at startup to ensure user session validation and security settings. In version 12, we are focusing on parallelizing this path to speed up the time between a user clicking on the app and being able to view the application screen and interact with it.

Modernized user interface

We are also rewriting the Pulsar user interface (UI) using the latest UI guidelines. The new UI uses the Salesforce design system for a more seamless experience. Users will experience improved data input and manipulation with elements like date/time pickers, picklists, and list views.

Increased stability

Overall, the application decreases reliance on third-party modules. This will help eliminate random crashes from modules that Luminix does not control. Examples of this code include third-party frameworks such as Xamarin.

Development efficiencies

Finally, we are reducing reliance on platform-specific elements. Moving to a single codebase across platforms will reduce our need to develop the same element multiple times to accommodate platform-specific requirements and limitations. Not only will our development time decrease, but our testing time will also be reduced. This improvement enables faster response times to customer requests and faster implementation of new technologies.

Our latest software release is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With improved application startup time, modernization of the UI, increased stability, and reduced development time, we are confident that this update will elevate your productivity and propel your success.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and we look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together.

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