Abbott Improves Service Technician Productivity with Pulsar

Abbott creates technology to change lives. From pharmaceuticals to medical devices, Abbott offers a range of products to address various healthcare challenges. Abbott also services their products in the field, using Salesforce to tie multiple workflows together. Since 2019, Abbott has used Pulsar to customize the Salesforce experience to improve service technician productivity.

Executive Summary

Abbott service technicians find themselves without reliable internet access during service calls. The technicians also need information about the work orders, order parts, or schedule follow-up service appointments. Pulsar brings the offline service technician’s scheduling, ordering, and information workflows. Additionally, Pulsar puts compliance checklists into the workflow to fulfill quality requirements. Pulsar reduces customer calls for follow-up service, allows timely and accurate work order activity entry, and increases the speed of parts orders, invoicing, and service reports.


  • Online Access – Internet service is not available, unreliable, or not secure in client locations.

  • Opportunities – Additional parts or follow-up service visits may be required.

  • Information – Technicians need to look up work orders by client or asset. Technicians need client contact information or directions to client sites.

  • Compliance – Quality and compliance requirements include several different forms, checklists, and other data, which may be difficult for technicians to remember.

How Pulsar Helped

  • Offline Access – Pulsar allows offline access to Salesforce workflows

  • Data Entry – Pulsar allows remote service technicians to accurately record the details of a service visit, from arrival/departure times to parts used and activities performed.

  • Information – A technician can access the daily service schedule, maps, associated cases, and customer contact information from a mobile device. Client data can be accessed by date, work order, client, or asset.

  • Opportunities – The service tech can enter new service opportunities found during the service visit.

  • Compliance – Compliance checklists and questionnaires are included in the service visit workflow.


  • Increased Productivity – Abbott personnel remain productive despite their connectivity challenges during service visits.

  • Faster Processing Time – Data entered during service visits is more accurate and available to other business areas as soon as data is synced for faster invoicing and reporting.

  • Faster Service – New service opportunities can be addressed during a single service visit instead of waiting for other departments to log cases after customer calls.

  • Fewer Customer Calls – Service techs can process opportunities that arise during visits, reducing the need for clients to call in.

  • Increased Compliance – Integrated workflows allow service technicians to adhere to quality and compliance requirements without relying on memory.