Pulsar provides an easy way to control the home page look and feel, so it conforms to your company’s branding standards. You can upload a background image with your company logo and also change the Tool and Navigation Bar colors to your company’s choice colors.

Use the following settings to brand the app.

Name: Home Page Background Image
Key: pulsar.home.backgroundImage
Value: (Leave Blank)
Attachment: Save the setting and then attach the file to the setting record (Recommended resolution 1024 X 768 pixels)
If you happen to upload a background that makes the default label color unreadable, change the label colors

Name: Home Page Tab Labels
Key: pulsar.home.labelColor
Value: R,G,B (e.g: 71,43,56)
Change the home tool bar color

Name: Home Page Toolbar Color
Key: pulsar.home.toolbar.color

Change the nav bar color
Name: Navbar Color
Key: pulsar.navigationBar.color

Here is an example of a customized Home page. BrandedApp