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Customer Experience – Building Trust and Loyalty

Did you ever watch Simon Sinek's thought provoking TED talk about the quintessential question of 'Why' and the concept of the golden circle? If not, here is the link to it, we encourage you to watch it. It is important for every company to convey to the customer why...

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Pulsar – Present and Future

It has been a while since we updated our blog but we had been very busy closing deals across many industry segments. Luminix now has clients in Healthcare, Life Sciences, CPG, Energy, Financial, Field Services and many more industries, proving that mobile offline is a...

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Pulsar for Salesforce for the iPhone

For those of you who love using Pulsar on the iPad and asked us to make this great app available on the iPhone and those of you who are looking for a great phone app to access Salesforce even when there is no network connection, Pulsar for Salesforce on the iPhone...

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Browse Price Books Offline

One of our customers talked to us about the importance of the ability to look up prices when offline. Imagine the scenario you are talking to a potential customer and they ask you about a particular product and its price. Salesforce API doesn't publish Price Book...

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Adding Images and Other Resource Files To Your HTML Form

You will find a couple of blog posts around deploying HTML forms via Pulsar. This post talks about uploading additional resources the HTML file would use. The recommended method for adding resources to your HTML document is to create a new PulsarSetting: Key:...

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Branding Pulsar Home Page

Pulsar provides an easy way to control the home page look and feel, so it conforms to your company's branding standards. You can upload a background image with your company logo and also change the Tool and Navigation Bar colors to your company's choice colors. Use...

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Pulsar Home Page Tab Settings

The bottom portion of the screen is dynamically constructed by listing the tabs the user would see within the Salesforce UI (Pulsar also reads the tab definition including the tile color and image). The top portion of the screen contains a few icons that are Pulsar...

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Examples of Pulsar Setting Language – Triggers

This is Post 3 in a series of posts about PSL(Pulsar Settings Language). Let us take a look today at setting up triggers. Just like the Salesforce Backend, Pulsar supports the following trigger points, so upon various actions you could take on object (Create, Edit and...

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